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Send new and reply to emails & link sharing feature

AUTHOR: Relate team


Chris from Relate here and today I have exciting updates for Relate early access users!

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to catch up, feel free to grab a 1:1 with me.

You'll need to update your Relate app to start using the newly added features. For macOS users, all you need to do is open Relate, and it will ask you to update.

Send + Reply/Forward emails from Relate

You can now send, reply, and forward emails directly from Relate. Try sending a new email from your Lead detail page (Cmd+K -> search for a lead), or try replying from your Inbox.

Since this is an early build, you might encounter a glitch/bug. So please make sure that you are formatting your email correctly, addressing the right people, etc. If you do encounter a glitch/bug, please let us know, and we'll get on it ASAP!

Public link sharing for Notes

You can now share Relate notes publicly via links. Any note enabled to share via links will be visible to anyone with the link.

A common use case for this is sharing sales progress with your product team. Engineers don't have to sign up for Relate (although you can by adding them as guests, which is free), they can just access notes via links.

More useful features and improvements to the overall product experience will come and let us know if we missed anything by replying to this email!


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