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Relate changelog - A fresh new look to Relate

AUTHOR: Relate team

We gave a fresh look to Relate. We moved the Contacts list in your Lead detail page to the middle. We also changed the icons for the left navigation menu.

Contacts have their own dedicated detail pages now. You can access the Contact detail page by clicking a contact card on your Lead detail page or by clicking contact from your Contacts list page. You can always use the Cmd+K shortcut too.

Here are additional updates to the UI:

  • Improved UI for Deals page and deal cards on the Lead/Contact detail pages.

  • Moved search bar to the left and resized it.

  • Changed empty state icons.

To update, go to the downloads page or simply update through your app.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Reordered Deals, Leads, and Contacts to Leads, Contacts, and Deals in left navigation menu.

  • Added 'Views' tab on the left navigation menu and moved all of the saved data views to this tab.

  • Relate now remembers your last window size and whenever it reloads, it loads with that size.

  • Relate now supports deep links. Try typing `relate://#/archive` in your browser to open Relate's Archive tab.

  • Added a scroll bar to left navigation menu.

  • Fixed a bug where contacts would not save and/or show recently updated information.

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