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Save views in your pipeline, leads, and contacts 💾

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See what's new in Relate 0.8.0 release:

Data Views

Data Views lets you save presets for your pipeline, leads, and contacts. It's a great way to track relevant customers filtered & sorted by you and your team.

You can use Data Views to set up a few presets you could go back to every day:

  • Deals you own: Deals filtered by your name

    • You can choose to create Data Views for each sales teammate in your workspace.

  • Warm leads: Leads sorted by most recently updated leads & descending order

Pages you can use Data Views with:

  • Lead

  • Contact

  • Pipeline - you can save Data Views for both Board and List views.

Zapier Trigger v1.0

You can now set up Zapier triggers to send Relate notes, leads, deals, and contacts to whichever tool you choose to share with. For example, you can now share new notes created in Relate with a Slack channel.

This link directs you to a pre-made Zapier integration between Slack and Relate:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding today's newest features. We're happy to help!

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